I think dogs are the most amazing creatures; they give unconditional love.

 For me they are the role model for being alive”.

                                              -Gilda Radner

my boys


Stacie decided to pursue a passion in dog behaviour after experiencing problematic behaviours with fear aggression with one of her own dogs, a Husky/lab/Staffordshire/Shar Pei cross. He and his look a like sister and mother were abused and neglected, left outside in all kinds of inclement weather and prey for free roaming aggressive dogs.

They escaped from their owners, and were picked up and taken to a local SPCA. Unfortunately the male dog and his mother remained at the shelter; the owners just wanted the sister back. The mother was adopted within the first month.The male dog lived at a rather large, older and noisy shelter for 6 months. He experienced the ‘black dog syndrome’, no one wanted to adopt him because he was black.  He has always behaved older than his years. He is now 7 years old and a happy dog, and we now know what makes him confident and what doesn’t.

Feeling exasperated by the limited resources out there and inadequate knowledge available, Stacie made it her personal mission to learn more about the dog psychology of rescue and street dogs and their behaviour issues. Then try to educate people, provide answers and hope to other dog owners who have been left feeling lost, exhausted, and confused about their dog’s behaviour. Stacie is committed to a lifetime of learning about dog psychology, behaviour and rehabilitation. Stacie plans on taking the examination to obtain a CPDT designation in 2016/2017.

A goal of many Canine Behaviour Consultants is to provide accurate, objective assessments of canine behaviour and to save the lives of as many dogs as possible, since reliable sources like Dr. Nicholas Dodman of the Tufts University Animal Behaviour Clinic in Massachusetts estimate that half of all dogs are euthanized before they reach the age of two due to their behaviour.

Thousands of other dogs are euthanized due to abandonment, abuse, overcrowded shelters and the list goes on. Another goal of Stacie’s is to see a decrease in the number of dogs surrendered to shelters through the education of owners. By sharing our knowledge of training and canine communication, we can help people create lasting relationships with their dogs. And finally a critical goal for all shelters and rescue groups is to ensure that dogs are neutered or spayed to reduce the population of abandoned, homeless, abused and ill dogs.

 “Wow great idea, Stacie’s Urban Dogs! I can’t imagine a better person for the job”!

 Linda – Regina, Saskatchewan

At Stacie’s Urban Dogs, we constantly strive to improve the lives of canines – and their owners!  We take your dog’s health, happiness and well-being very seriously, which is why we make sure we maintain a high standard for our canine care services. We adore ALL dogs, and embrace their unique personalities, characteristics, and challenges!

Canine Care, Behaviour, and Nutrition

We believe that quality canine care requires much more than the occasional water, food, and bathroom break – your dog needs a good friend in your absence.  We’ll be there to take care of whatever needs your dog requires, whether that’s extra exercise, medication, or a hug. And above all, we have a life-long love of dogs! This applies to working on behaviour modification too. Good energy, trust, confidence and calmness go a long way with working on various issues with dogs of all ages.

” Stacie has really good energy around our dogs, she relates to them very well, they trust her, they are rescue dogs. She is giving them the confidence that they really need”

Karen – Regina, Saskatchewan


“Loki is doing awesome. More often than not he is having good outings. He’s so much better though. You’ve been a lifesaver. The suggestions that you have made have helped significantly, but the time, support, follow up, and the visits you’ve provided us with have made all the difference in the world to his progress. You are his bestie lol.  Can’t believe how excited he gets when he sees you. Like a little kid. thank you”

                                           Juanita – Regina, Saskatchewan

For Owners

We also think about you too!  This means that you should enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that your dog is well taken care of and happy.  And we go out of our way to make sure you’re updated on your dog as often as you need to feel at ease – through notes, phone calls, emails, or text messages – just let us know! You are right there with us when working with your dog, and go away with some new tools to work on daily with your canine companion!

“We were able to vacation, leaving our pets and home in trusted hands. Upon return, we received a detailed list of the activities that took place while we were away. I don’t get that kind of feedback for my own children! My fur babies had been more than “just fed”, thanks to Stacie’s amazing dedication and care.”

Carrie (client Regina, Saskatchewan)